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tv   Action News  ABC  July 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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dispute and miss handling of the >> they became firefighters
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following in their father's footsteps. they both met the same tragic end. one last year and the other last night in chester county. sarah is off. i'm walter perez. the big story on "action news" tonight is another heartbreaking story of loss from a family from west chester. west bradford volunteer ryan miller was killed in a motorcycle crash in east bradford n a tragic twist his older brother robe also a volunteer firefighters also died in a motorcycle crash in may of last year. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live outside the west bradford fire company with a tragic story. kenneth. walter, this is a well-known family so this whole community is feeling this loss tonight. the flag is already as half staff that fire company which has seen so much tragedy in one year. >> on this scenic narrow stretch of alegen road 25-year-old ryan miller lost his life. >> ryan was a very loving person.
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>> investigators say he lost control of his motorcycle around midnight sunday and hit a tree. his girlfriend says he was avid bike rider but passion was service. miller was a fire fighter west bradford township fire company. >> he loved. it loved giving his time to help other people. >> miller also volunteered with two other fire companies in the area. it was in his genes. his father, doug, is also a volunteer with west bradford in fact one of the first responders on the scene and gave his son cpr. >> after his father knew it was his son that's when things the whole atmosphere changed. >> resident arlene lasasso ran across the road after the crash. >> i reached sort of down to you know see if coye help him. than was nothing coye do. >> in a twist of fate that seems too cruel and too much to handle for one family, 14 months ago miller's older brother robe was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car. >> ryan really took it hard.
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he was not the same. he put a smile on his face just to make people think he was okay. he was not. >> ryan and robe's father who also responded to the scene a year agos with too upset to speak on camera and says his sons were like twins and born three years apart and both shared the same birthday. both were firefighters at west bradford and both died riding their motorcycles. >> they've always said if they were to die on the bike they would be happenest. >> sunday evening this fire company saluted another miller as ryan's body was carried past the fire station. there is only one thing that brings some type of solace to those who loved him. >> he's reunited with his brother. that's what he wanted to be with his brother again that was his best friend. >> as you look at the fire engine the family of the miller brothers weren't to remind people motorcycles need to be respected on the road and
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motorcyclists need to be responsible. west chester police say the overnight crash that killed ryan miller is still under investigation, walter. reporting live in west bradford township, kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news."" >> so heartbreaking, thank you, kenneth. authorities are trying to identify a body found in pennypack creek philadelphia mayfair section this afternoon. the crews got a call 1:00 this afternoon and responded to rhawn street entrance between lexington and roland. and they investigated the scene looking for clues. >> a paraplegic man killed his own brother in philadelphia today. the shooter opened fire because his brother was apparently attacking his sister overnight on the 5800 block of filbert street. 40-year-old john map was rushed to the hospital. his brother confined to a wheelchair admitted to the shoot ebb and claimed it wasself defense. no charge where filed tonight but the investigates is ongoing.
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>> the humidity will make an unwelcomed come back for the start of the workweek and you might want to keep your umbrella. >> hi, walter, as you said we have changes on the way for the start of the workweek. not a bad finish to the weekend with brighter skies returning for second half of the weekend. satellite 6 and action radar earlier today couple showers across coastal new jersey with disturbance that stayed offshore it's currently moving off north and east for the rest of tonight. one thing to keep in mind easterly winds they're coming in out of the northeast and northeasterly wind having impact on temperatures. you check out the numbers across the delaware and lehigh valleys and temperatures from beach haven to sea isle city upper
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60s. you head inland. philadelphia, 72, 74 allentown and lehigh valley. so we'll talk about what is ahead as we look at the workweek ahead. humidity isic making a come back nothing unbelievable. the heat is coming back this week and with that also threat of showers and thunderstorms. those details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast keech track of the weather 24 hours ray day 7 days a week download the free stormtracker 6 app with the smart phone. as well as any watches and warnings posted for your neighborhood. it's available right now for apple and an void devices. now to the latest on conflict betweenies rail and hamas. there was an emergency meeting tonight top discuss what can be done for the current crisis this after a deadly day of fighting since conflict renewed two days ago government they capturedies
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laily shoulder a claim disputed by israelis so far. news sparked sem operations in gaza. israeli is trying to verify the claim hours after their forces unleashed tank fire in gaza. dozens of homes reduced to rubble. more than 100 palestinians were killed in the battle along with 13 israeli sold certifies two of which held dual citizenship with the u.s.. meantime secretary of state john kerry goes to egypt tomorrow to press for cease-fire. now to the latest on downing of malaysia flight 17 there is growing pressure on vladimir putin to make sure international investigative teams have access to the crash site. so far bodies of 233 of 98 on board have been recovered. pro russian rebels have taken control of the site and put dead in rail cars and moved them away from the site and there's
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reports some of the victims personal items are ludeed and victims families here feel they will not get the chance to bury their loved ones. putin needs to take control of this situation. >> you have to man up. you should talk to the world and say this was a mistake. which i hope it was. say it. even if it was a mistake it's horrendous mistake to make. >> new evidence also indicates rebels shot down the plane using russian surface to air missiles. >> here at home victims of mh 17 were on mind of parishioners ukraine yn catholic church of philadelphia. they took time to reflect on the tragedy as conflict weighs heavy on their heart. >> always, just always conversation going on. it's in our mind constantly and because ukraine wants to be free. we do not want to be under
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russian authority anymore. >> parishioners say they are play are for indof violence and with a spotlight on the region it would help end this dread full concept. >> you can watch that tomorrow morning following "action news" with matt, tam, david and karen. >> this week will be loued to go faster on parts of the pennsylvania turnpike. starting wednesday the speed limit will go up on 100 mile strep of turnpike morgantown to morgantown interchanges and most is flat and straight however lower speed postings in spots where the road turns. even more speed limit changes will be announced later this week. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight a network of neighbors and strangers help a community in southwest philadelphia pick up the pieces following a deadly fire and terrifying sight in the sky when
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a hot air balloon comes in contact with high tension fwhirz residential neighborhood afternoon miraculously everybody survived. jeff skversky has sports including phillies, braves highlights eagles and british open and melissa magee with more on the workweek forecast when open and melissa magee with more on the workweek forecast when "action news" comes right
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>> "action news" reporter annie mccormick reports. >> surrounded by fathers after i grieving community patrick sanyeha wore a shoyrt with his namesake. >> once i'm around people to help me i feel better when i'm by my that's when it hit me. >> sunday fundraiser for the children killed in dessert street father little patrick and his brother and 4-year-old twin girls marie and maria boawah all four perished in the blaze. >> this is tragedy for everybody. >> this woman doesn't know the family but organized the eventch the goal is to raise funeral expenses and the fire nearly
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took out the entire block. community organizations like best buddies made food to sell a d.j. when his time to play music and sock erin basketball players donated money to play. >> organizeers say they're still grieving and need it for the community to heal. >> steven belongs to one of the six soccer teams playing today each team donated 200 dollars and he's a stranger to the family too and feels liberian connection something sanyeha feels back. >> if it happens to one it happens to all. >> because of them the whole community came together as one. you know now we get to know that it is for real. >> southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> new tonight those raging wildfires in washington state claimed a life. 67-year-old man was trying to protect his home from the flames alongside his wife when he suffer aid heart attack and
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died. the state's resources are stretched thin and other states don't have the resources to spare four small fires emerged with a massive blaze consuming more than 1,000 acres and more than 150 homes destroyed as well. a hot air balloon slammed into power lines yesterday and caught fire in the middle of a neighborhood in massachusetts. five people were injured. the balloon was trying to land when it struck power lines. witnesses were shocked to hear that everyone survived. >> oh, my god. >> we thought they were gone. everyone called 911 i'm still shake from it. >> faa has since taken over the investigation cascades ol ol heavy rains create aid mess on a
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highway. torrents of water and mudd cascade down a hill and open the road here. crews shut down height way for several hours to cleanup that massive mess this is the scene in florida. a boat fire sent thick, black smoke billowing into the air. abc affiliate and nearby miami the 36 foot vessel was by the inlet when it caught fire. a man and woman were on board and able do get off unharmed. >> police in los angeles say veteran star of tv and film died of natural causes last night in los angeles. garner is known on the rock be ford files and first shot scene in abc western "maverick" and introduced to younger audiences as duke in 2004 film the notebook. as duke in 2004 film the notebook. james garner was 86 years
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>> you ready to go back to work, you better be. meteorologist melissa magee is there for the weekend. >> not a bad start monday humidity comes up a little bit. overall temperatures are not bad mid to late july standards. we'll show what you is going on. stormtracker 6 double scan radar is quiet across the delaware and lehigh valleys. no issues with precipitation. so we'll show you picture
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outside. action cam was outside earlier tonight it's a gorgeous shot in franklin square. we have mostly clear to partly cloudy sky across the region and really comfortable conditions no issues with humidity until we get to overnight and really as you wake up tomorrow morning a bit of change on the way. so we'll look at accuweather live lineup and talk about temperatures and see the highlights as well. things you can expect for the workweek ahead. and humidity creeps up just a little monday and we're also tracking responsible of spotty shower north and west of town. starting out with humidity back to work tomorrow and we talk about the dew point always for the summer months. dew points is level of how much moisture is in the atmosphere and dewpoint temperatures 60 to 65 degrees. touch on the humid side. nothing unbearable this time of year. spotty thunder showers on the way as well. future tracker 6 showing you precipitation tomorrow evening and it's mainly north and west of that 95 corridor and really comes when you get heating of
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the day and instability showers over the higher terrain. most locations tomorrow afternoon and evening will stay mostly dry. outside tonight it's pretty comfortable with northeasterly wind. philadelphia 72. up in poconos 66. trenton 6 5. along the coast in beach haven temperatures below average, 67 beach haven and sea isle city 68 and high temperature today 82. five degrees shy of normal with the stiff northeasterly whipped. satellite 6 and action radar we had disturbance earlier this morning that continues to move north and west. we had showers earlier today across coastal new jersey and delaware. conditions are partly queue the and partly cloudy i should say and quiet for rest of tonight. no issues with precipitation. it's all about temperatures and comfortable. future tracker showing us 6:00 in the morning, upper 6 0s. keep you in mind average this time of year is 67 degrees.
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so, pretty nice start to the day on monday. and 2:30 in the afternoon temperatures along the 95 corridor and areas north and west only in the middle and lower 80s. really comfortable conditions with just a it up of humidity in the air. the call from accuweather sunshine, touch on the humid side. 6 a.m., 6 8. 70 is the number at 8 pbg in the morning. airport here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. touch more humid tomorrow. high temperature 86. 87 average. mott a bad day tomorrow despite climb in humidity. on tuesday, humid humid, nearing 90. straight thunderstorm on the way. wednesday looks to be hopest day of the week with high temperature of 93. thunderstorm possible and as we get to thursday, those showers and storms look to be more active in the afternoon with high of 89. we'll lower the humidity on friday. high then of 86. not a bad start to tomorrow, walter. >> not bad at all. >> thank you
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>> jeff skversky has a check on sports and eagles training camp begins in a week. >> cannot wait to talk about the eagles fortunately we'll talk about the phillies. >> sorry after another ugly outing in atlanta today what else could kyle kendrick say but it's been a bad year. guys have bad years. unfortunately for this team, just about everyone is having a bad year. ryan howard is having a bad month hitting 113 in july. howard on the bench for finale in atlanta. replacement mayberry looking for first hit in more than two weeks. there you go in the second. solo shot deep to level. six homesers now just as many as d om brown and 200 fewer bats. 1-0 phils. bottom two, chris johnson. ut, oh, two run shot off kendrick just like that. phils down one in the third. kendrick with all sorts of issues back-to-back batters
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freddie freeman and justin upton walks in a run. ryne sandberg not quite sure what is going on and you may want to look the other way. later in the third. tommy la stella bases clearing double, braves score three times in third and this is their only hit in the inuping. kendrick and company can't even watch any more. phils lose 8-2. 11 games out of first. nothing seems to be going right. >> well maybe cliff lee will be good luck charm. lee returns to mound tomorrow and phils return them to face the first place san francisco giants, lee lights out hopefully lights out after being out for the last two months with elbow strain. now could lee be auditioning for other teams. with a trade deadline 11 days away phils are talking to other clubs about almost everyone including fan favorite chase utley. boston globe reports san fran and toronto expressed most interest in utley and that does not mean 6 time all star is going anywhere. no trade clause and instead just
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days ago he wants to stay in philadelphia. >> this time last year eagles tight end brent sell sick said chip kelly would change the nfl. he was not kidding. one year after fast paced offense nfl is trying to catch up with eagles and high flying eagles. the nfl is demanding referees are in better physical condition to keep one kelly and the eagles offense. now eagles afternoon a play every 4 seconds last year. fastest pace in 13 seasons and if that's not fast enough kelly said two months ago offense is light years ahead. of last year. >> eagles report to camp in five days and they'll hold first practice saturday and believe it or not the season right around the corner kicked off against jacksonville 7 weeks from today. still to come. rory not rattled debritish open despite a
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